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Langers Launches New Pineapple and Mango Chamoy Flavors

Langers Launches New Pineapple and Mango Chamoy Flavors Aug. 7, 2023

Inspired by cold drinks bursting with sweet and slightly spicy flavor, Langers brings summer’s favorite fruity drink to an easy, pre-packaged recipe. On the heels of launching its pure pineapple juices in a 5-calorie version, the family-owned West Coast juice brand continues to push the envelope in exceptional juice at affordable prices – a delicious dose of Vitamin C, perfect for mixing drinks, making mocktails and more. The Pineapple Chamoy is best enjoyed ice cold or with a little rum and squeeze of lime for a Piña Chamoyada.

“Living in southern California, hot days can be tough – and having a bright, cold drink after work is a treat. We wanted to bring a new tasting experience for this summer and pay homage to the lively flavors of the chamoy-infused drinks with our own, easy to drink blend of juices and chamoy. Our recipe makes it simple to pour, sip or even chug and enjoy,” said Bruce Langer, President of Langers.

There are many recipes for tropical fruit drinks made with chamoy out there, from The New York Times to cooking blogs, but Langers reduces the step work and makes it easier than ever to sip these flavors leaving everyone feeling like being out in the sun.

A pre-blended recipe of pineapple, chamoy and natural flavor takes measuring out of the equation for the ultimate Piña Chamoyada. All that’s needed is a glass of ice or a mixer of choice.
Try these fun recipes

Piña Chamoyada Pops: Pour Langers Pineapple Chamoy into popsicle molds, freeze and enjoy!

Piña Chamoy Daquiri: Shake Langers Pineapple Chamoy with rum and serve with a squeeze of lime over ice in a rimmed glass.

Piña Chamoy Marg : Mix Langers Pineapple Chamoy with your favorite tequila, a splash of lime juice, and a touch of triple sec. Shake well and serve over ice in a salt-rimmed glass for a delightful tropical twist on a classic or spicy margarita.

Piña Chamoy with Whiskey: Enjoy a delightful fusion with a delightful twist by combining Langers Pineapple Chamoy to your go-to whiskey. Create an extraordinary cocktail that promises to tantalize your taste buds. Mango Chamoy uses nectar from Alphonso Mangos to create its exceptional Mangoneada, a juicy-sweet, slightly spicy combination. Try these recipes to savor the Langers flavor.

Mangoneada Slush: Pour Langers Mango Chamoy into ice cube trays, freeze and blend until smooth.
Mango Marganeada: Shake Langers Mango Chamoy with tequila and serve with a squeeze of lime over ice
Whip Float: Blend Langers Mango Chamoy or Langers Pineapple Chamoy with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Fill a milkshake glass half-way with the juice and top with ice cream blend.

Full of flavors, but also benefits, the Langers Chamoy juices, just like all of Langers Pineapple juices variety, offer 80% the daily value of Vitamin C in just ONE as well as a chock-full of vitamins and minerals for a refreshing drink that also helps boost the immune system, keep bones healthy, improve vision, ease digestion and reduce inflammation and swelling. In each glass, you’ll imbibe:

Vitamin C
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) and B6

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Langers Ranked Best Cranberry Juice

Langers Cranberry Cocktail was recently ranked “Best Cranberry Juice Brand” by the Daily Meal.

Daily Meal contributor Jenn Carnevale ranked 10 cranberry juice brands and Langers came out on top. Langers is described as a “flavor experience that will leave you wanting more.”

Langers has been perfecting its craft since 1960, and it shows in every sip of its Cranberry Juice Cocktail

– The Daily Meal

Described as “a symphony of flavors,” Langers is noted to achieve the elusive balance of not too sweet and not too bitter that other brands struggled to achieve.

Also noted is Langers commitment to quality, with our dedication to all natural ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup in any of our products.

Read the full story at:

Langers Cranberry Cocktail is available at grocery stores nationwide, and

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Langers Acquires Gen Z Water


The aluminum bottled water company that creates more laughs, and less plastic announces early 2023 acquisition by family-owned juice business Langers Juice.

While many thought the brand GEN Z was a joke, the joke’s on them as the company expands with an acquisition by Langers. Splashing the market in 2021, GEN Z was imagined, created and produced by industry veterans and brand wizards breathing new energy into generation brands. The critter-crazed aluminum water bottles popped via e-commerce with a unique branding and marketing meticulously strategized by the team of Millennials and Gen Xers. The innovative approach to branding and marketing made the brand stand out in a crowded market and land in the radar of top industry player and six-decades innovating pioneer, Langers.

GEN Z showed up to the single-use-plastic party with an idea: shake up the category and sell flavorless, transparent liquid in a reusable, recyclable bottle that cuts through Zoomer’s high BS-meter, to help create a sustainable and improved future. Its unique design and eco-friendly message, with the company’s mission to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability, resonated with customers who wanted a reusable bottle that could also be recycled yet wouldn’t break the bank when lost. Upgrading the category, GEN Z delivers.

“We’ve never taken ourselves too seriously at GEN Z, but we’re serious about Langers being the right company to keep GEN Z going strong. With the focus always being on the Gen Zers who drink water and on creating new critter designs to give flavorless transparent liquid, aka water, the bottle it deserves, we’re excited about this new chapter. Langers is a family-run business looking to future-proof their legacy business. With Langers GEN Z is in good hands…” says Erin Campbell, GEN Z’s Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

By early 2023, Langers will take GEN Z, critters and its humor, under its wing to bring it closer to the consumers (even the non-Gen Zers) and expand its impact with their decades of proof, expertise and know-how. Through this acquisition, GEN Z will enter its new age early on, and with Langers six decades of established prowess, the slim bottle can exponentially flourish and thrive. With industry expertise and a powerful network of resources, Langers will help GEN Z continue to transform the world through convenient, sustainable, reusable, recyclable, packaging and much-needed humor to uplift and support the spirits.

Beyond fresh water, it’s the symbol of positivity and change that made an impact on the Langers family. The humorous and whimsical design of the GEN Z bottled water stood out with its power to bring a smile to someone’s face and act as a conversation-starter (about sustainability or the design), two elements that the younger generations need more than ever. It represents a shift towards a more lighthearted and joyful approach to life, encouraging individuals to take a break from the stress and negativity of daily life and embrace the simple pleasures. And, as a symbol of change, it inspires people to think about the impact their choices have on the environment and therefore other concerns. Drinking GEN Z bottled water is not just about quenching thirst, it provides a moment of levity and positivity and lifts the mood.

Over the next months, expect GEN Z to bring more smiles and be closer to every Zoomer and Zoomer-wannabe in more States and stores. With more consumers discovering their favorite transparent flavorless liquid and more critter-covered bottles in hands, there is no doubt about the impact GEN Z will have as a fresh alternative supporting all the eco-conscious enthusiasts in their efforts to act on the planet’s future. A mission that Langers is inspired and determined to push forward, continuing the legacy of their early days’ founding principles of commitment to quality and the use of traditional and environmentally friendly methods of bottling their juice in glass bottles.

“Acquiring GEN Z is a wonderful continuation of Langers portfolio. Seeing a company emerge on the market with an aim to provide sustainable solutions to single-use plastic that works and also carries a conversational message with its target audience is impressive. What we value the most is listening to our clients and GEN Z is the right answer in the right time. We love the playfulness of this company; we confidently look forward to propelling what they started,” says Bruce Langer, president of Langers.

With a proven record of enduring innovation and success in the beverage category, a remarkable brand and products, and helmed by true family leadership, Langers fosters its mission of preserving the craft of fresh beverages in all shapes, flavors, and forms. Langers will add the refillable and infinitely recyclable GEN Z water to its line of juices and enhanced juices as the company continues to satisfy the market’s thirst for more intentional beverages.

About GEN Z

Launched in 2021, GEN Z, the bottled-water brand, emerged to make a difference and lead a positive change. With an internal council made up of brilliant Gen Zers, the flavorless transparent liquid in a reusable, resealable and infinitely recyclable bottle created a solution to help people hydrate without all that single-use plastic – a small step in sustainability’s big picture. Since 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today through its infinite recycling ability – not littering our lands and oceans or harming the critters – the body-to-cap fully aluminum bottle seamlessly resonated as the best material to use. And since the company is all about good news and fresh ideas, to celebrate the planet’s wonderful critters, GEN Z (the company) makes hydration for Gen Zers (the humans) more on brand by COVERING the aluminum bottles with marvelous critters. Yes, every sleek, chilled, resealable, and transportable bottle has critters staring back at you as you hydrate. It’s pretty creepy.

About Langers

Family-owned Langer Juice Company, Inc., has emerged as a major force and a top ranked brand in the very competitive juice industry. Since the formation of the company in 1960, the Langer family has remained actively involved in every aspect of making juice, from production and marketing to quality assurance. Producing beverages in many of the high-volume categories that include apple, cranberry, orange, grape, grapefruit, and pomegranate, as well as innovative tropical blends such as mango, guava and passionfruit, the Langers brand can be found in major retailers and Club stores across the country. Additional brands include Langer Farms 100% juices and No Worries brand cocktail mixers. Recent additions include Langers apple cider vinegar stick packs, Langers organic flavored sparkling waters, Langer Farms Beyond Butter apple butter, Beyond Honey plant-based vegan honey and LyteAde Sports hydration beverage with caffeine. Langer Juice Company is located in City of Industry, CA.

For more information about GEN Z’s #FlavorlessTransparentLiquid, visit them on TikTok, Instagram or its extremely passe website.