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Langers History

We make juice. We drink a lot of juice as well. In fact, we taste every batch before the Langer label reaches the bottle. Growing up, we drank fresh juice every day; Dad was our “head juicer,” and we were his “official tasters”. That’s how we discovered which fruits made the best blends and the best tasting juice.

Family-owned Langer Juice Company, Inc., has emerged as a major force and a top ranked brand in the very competitive juice industry. Since the formation of the company in 1960, the Langer family has remained actively involved in every aspect of making juice, from production and marketing to quality assurance. Producing beverages in many of the high-volume categories that include apple, cranberry, orange, grape, grapefruit, and pomegranate, as well as innovative tropical blends such as mango, guava and passionfruit, the Langers brand can be found in major retailers and Club stores across the country. Additional brands include Langer Farms 100% juices and No Worries brand cocktail mixers. Recent additions include Langers apple cider vinegar stick packs, Langers organic flavored sparkling waters, Langer Farms Beyond Butter apple butter, Beyond Honey plant-based vegan honey, LyteAde Sports hydration beverage with caffeine, and Gen Z flavorless transparent liquid in aluminum bottles. Langer Juice Company is located in City of Industry, CA.

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