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Langers Ranked Best Cranberry Juice

Langers Cranberry Cocktail was recently ranked “Best Cranberry Juice Brand” by the Daily Meal.

Daily Meal contributor Jenn Carnevale ranked 10 cranberry juice brands and Langers came out on top. Langers is described as a “flavor experience that will leave you wanting more.”

Langers has been perfecting its craft since 1960, and it shows in every sip of its Cranberry Juice Cocktail

– The Daily Meal

Described as “a symphony of flavors,” Langers is noted to achieve the elusive balance of not too sweet and not too bitter that other brands struggled to achieve.

Also noted is Langers commitment to quality, with our dedication to all natural ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup in any of our products.

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Langers Cranberry Cocktail is available at grocery stores nationwide, and